Historic Fourth Ward Park Atlanta Clear Creak Basin/Stormwater Retention Pond at Historic Fourth Ward Park Atlanta
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Atlanta's Historic Fourth Ward Park starts in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward behind Ponce City Market and stretches South to Freedom Parkway and the Carter Center. The central amenity of the park is a large stormwater retention pond. H4WP one of the first completed urban park elements of the Atlanta Beltline project.

Video - Skate Park at Historic Fourth Ward Park Atlanta Beltline

Tony Hawk at the Grand Opening of the H4WP Skate Park
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Clear Creak Basin/Stormwater Retention Pond at Historic Fourth Ward Park Atlanta

The park features as its centerpiece a two-acre stormwater detention pond built by the Department of Watershed Management, which has dramatically reduced flooding in the nearby neighborhoods.

Clear Creek Basin serves as a storm water run-off reservoir. The storm water detention feature and the park have been designed through a unique community partnership of residents and business stakeholders, the City’s Department of Watershed Management (DWM), and Atlanta Beltline, Inc. The need to provide storm water runoff in an area slated for redevelopment has allowed several departments in the City to work together, creating a solution that addresses quality of life, environmental sustainability, and economic efficiency.

Construction includes a 2 acre detention pond providing relief to the City of Atlanta’s combined sewer system, a 24” tap into the existing 9’ x 9’ Clear Creek trunk sewer, the installation of nearly 1,000 LF 6’ x 3’ box culvert, re-routing and reconstructing city streets, elevated walkways, extensive walls, ramps, various hardscapes, decorative railings, site lighting, wetlands plantings and landscaping. Clear Creek promises to be a beacon park of the Atlanta Parks System, and enjoyed by the residents of Atlanta for years to come.

“The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management originally thought the work in this area would cost $40,000,000 to solve the stormwater run-off problem,” says Kevin Burke, Senior Landscape Architect for Atlanta Beltline, Inc., and Project Manager . “However, when the local community proposed to solve the problem by creating a park with a pond reservoir, we found we could do so and meet the engineering requirements of the water management problem for approximately $23,000,000. We hope, when Phase I is completed, to return a sizable sum to the
DWM coffers.”

”The pond itself is actually built below the site’s water table,” Burke says. “The pond generates a minimum of 425 gallons a minute, even in a drought, from the submerged Clear Creek water table.” He notes that the generated water is used to water the park’s lawns and playing fields.

Additional water features in the park include a ten-foot waterfall to aerate and recycle the pond water and a stone water cascade that will run alongside one of the park’s walkways.


Clear Creek Basin
Shade Pavilion

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For information about reserving the park, contact City of Atlanta Parks Reservations at (404) 546-6757. Procedures for making park reservations

Emergencies: call 911 immediately. The address of the park is 680 Dallas Street, Atlanta, GA 30308

Park Rules: See City of Atlanta Park Use Rules & Guidelines

Skate Park Rules: See this PDF from City of Atlanta

The park is open every day from
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11 p.m.

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